Fantastic way to unlock different kinds of characters


We all know that games are a crucial part of every person life to boost knowledge and real-life skills. Online several category based games are available where you can do unlimited fun. Here today we will talk about popular platform Dragon Ball Legends which is action category based. You do not need to pay for playing this game on Android and IOS device. The game is released by Bandai Namco Entertainment inc. in all over the world. The game offers you various kinds of characters which will allow you to take part in different battles. In it, a PVP mode is also available which will allow you to play with friends and other players.

Way to unlock Characters-

We all know that in the Dragon Ball Legends many kinds of characters are present. Each character has own abilities and moves cards. These characters are allowing you to take part in different kinds of activities. Now we will tell you some special paths to unlock various kinds of roles. If you want to know to get detail about those ways, then read the article with focus.

  1. Firstly you should click on the menu option. This icon is available on the main game screen.
  2. When you tap on that, then lots of options come on screen. You should select the summon icon from them.
  3. In the summon icon two kinds of options are available. The first one is “single summon” and second is “consecutive summon.”
  4. If you want to unlock the best summon then always select the consecutive summon option. Here lots of characters are present with high ability and skills.

As per that you are able to unlock different kinds of characters. For unlocking high-level characters, currencies are must be required. You can also enchase your character’s skills also via upgrading.